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PICO is the only clinic in China that employs exclusively doctors specialised in Aesthetic Medicine. Sadly, university and PHD courses in Aesthetic Medicine exist only in 4 European countries: Italy, Spain, France and United Kingdom – even the United States do not have official courses. And, there is no major of Aesthetic Medicine in Asia. Even in Japan or South Korea, the best aesthetic medicine products and doctors are imported from Europe.

As a result, in most countries the majority of practicing aesthetic doctors are majored in just general medicine or dermatology at best.

All PICO doctors spend at least 8 years studying Aesthetic Medicine (5 years of general medicine and 3 years of aesthetic medicine specialisation).

Our doctors have a deep understanding and experience with facial anatomy, proportion. They raise the profession of Aesthetic Medicine to the highest standards of beauty, safety and customer satisfaction.


After conducting in-depth market research, we found that the aesthetic medicine industry is loosely regulated in both UK and China. In addition, as the training system in aesthetic medicine in the UK is not yet established or regulated, there are many questionable institutions providing low quality and ineffective courses. This is a big pain point for many medical practitioners who want to devote their energy and career to aesthetic medicine. Therefore, at PICO we strive to bring the most advanced technology and techniques of aesthetic medicine to international as well as Chinese doctors.

This is why PICO Academy was started. In conjunction with many well-known European research institutions and well recognised professional development institution in the UK – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – PICO Academy is committed to provide doctors around the world with state-of-the-art medical techniques and technology alongside years of practical aesthetic medicine experience.


At PICO, our doctors are specialised in specific areas and skills, such as anti-wrinkle, face lifting, skin management, face and body contouring, autologous fat transfer, PDO threads. Every doctor has accumulated substantial international experience in both theory as well as clinical practice.

Combining western techniques with eastern concepts of beauty, PICO doctors have received numerous recognitions from industry experts and have been invited to various aesthetic medicine forums, conferences and congresses to share their knowledge and expertise.

As such, PICO Academy is formed to accelerate the company’s growth in developing talent and skills, contributing to aesthetic medical research, raising the industry standards and playing a role in better regulations for the aesthetic medicine industry.


Accredited Training Certification

PICO Academy training certificates will be issued with accreditation by the CPD Certification Service, the undisputed independent professional development institution in the UK.
We only train qualified plastic surgeons, dermatologist and GMC registered doctors and GDC registered dentists.

Top Medical Suppliers

PICO uses exclusively the best medical products available in the market. Our suppliers include Teoxane, Allergan, Galderma, BTL, Mesoaesthetic. They are PICO’s long-term partners, and in addition to medical supplies, they provide strategic support such as engaging with the PICO Academy training course.
As a result, our students can learn not only practical skills but also the classification, attributes and characteristics of different products.

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