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At Pico, we dedicate special time and attention to ensuring that your beauty procedures are offered in a personalised and attentive way. Our philosophy is to accompany patients on their pathway, ensuring that they are given personal guidance and support with all aspects of their treatment process.

It’s our policy to combine psychophysical balance, aiming to create the desired results, naturally and without distorting your existing and underlying beauty. In doing so, we consider the natural harmony, shape and features of the face and body, ensuring that any procedures fit in with your natural proportions.

As part of this ethos, we promote treatments that fit in with our philosophy. As a result our treatment choices are micro invasive and non-permanent, whilst still delivering the results that you are after.

We use some of the best high-performance drugs in the market, those with undisputed quality which ensure long lasting and safe results. The qualities that our customers have come to expect from us and are the standards that we can be consistently relied on for.
Our specialist procedures include:

All the treatments we perform are minimally invasive and allow a rapid return to daily social and professional activities,

Advanced Treatments

Boto-sculpting, nano-fat, seffiler, radiofrequency and other advanced treatments

New Life for the Skin

Get rid of imperfections and severe skin conditions with micro needling, peeling, prx, acne control


Slay localised fat with CoolSculpting, tone muscles with advanced electric stimulation

Face & neck specialist

Leaders in advanced rhinofiller, lipolysis, mesotherapy, seffiller, threads

Dermal Fillers

Unique portfolio of filler treatments with unparalleled patient feedback


The scientific art of botulinum to look refreshed, youthful and repaired