Calf & Shoulder modelling with Botulinum

Calves and shoulders are areas that can easily appear disproportionately large vis-a-vis the rest of the figure, due to physical activity or just natural shape. This can throw off the balance of proportion essential in beauty. At Pico, we can treat these issues effortlessly and virtually without pain and risks.

In two visits over one month, we will help you redefine these muscle areas by injecting a botulinum solution. Once completed, it temporary reduces the size of the muscle in question, without effects on the posture or any walking pain.

These off-label procedures have been carefully developed and refined by our expert medical teams at Pico Academy.

Goisis stem cells & nano-fat

We enthusiastically embrace the innovative and patented ‘Goisis method’ for self-fat transfer, the most advanced techniques to unlock the rejuvenating power of stem cells (nano-fat) as well as it volumizing effects (micro-fat).

The treatment entails extracting a minimal quantity of fat from the flank, process is with the patented Goisis filters and reinjecting as dermal filler, sufficient to cover all the areas that you want to volumise and rejuvenate.

The procedure is virtually painless, extremely quick and it does not require anaesthesia. After 1-3 applications, and combined with a regular plan of biorevitalisation treatments, you could retain 80-90% of the final effect for up to 10 years.


The seffiller is a regenerative advanced therapy that uses stem cellst to rejuvenate the fabric of the skin and to re-tone and firm its natural surface. In doing so, it reinstates the original natural shine and colour of your skin.

This procedure uses your own fat cells to reaffirm and repair the areas of the skin that have started to show signs of wear and tear and age.

Seffiller is unique as it can be done with next to know hardship and is one of the fastest to perform with the smallest amount of effort. We recommend combining it with a plan of regular biorevitalisation treatments that can enhance the effects for up to 3-5 years.

Radiofrequency BTL Exilis

Exilis® Elite is for non-invasive contouring of body and face. It is designed to tighten and lift the skin while reducing fat and signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

BTL’s proprietary technology combines radiofrequency, ultrasounds and localised skin cooling. This procedure makes your own fat cells work to repair the areas of the skin affected by ageing.

Exilis is a medical device. It uses two applicators and can treat face, neck and body areas for unique results on it own, or combined with other aesthetic medicine treatments.


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