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Pico’s London clinic is set in the heart of Soho. As with all of our staff, our medical practitioners have full GMC registration and have been trained to ensure that they have extensive specialisation with aesthetic medicine and how to achieve the best results. Our London clinic is also proudly registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We proudly won the Highly Commanded award for Best New Clinic in UK and Ireland, just last May 2021, from the prestigious Aesthetic Journal. We use our advanced techniques and experience of working with fillers, CoolSculpting, BTL Exilis, Mesoestetic, Teoxane, Allergan, mesotherapy to create results that you can be proud of. We specialise in cryolipolysis, with two CoolSculpting machines available within the Soho clinic. As a result, you are able to cut this treatment time in half.

Our beautiful clinic often hosts other professionals and manufacturers for their training needs, and we are excited to cooperate with many renowned international physicians, surgeons, gynaecologist, psychologists in order to offer a truly comprehensive healthcare experience to our patients.


Our Milan clinic is set in the vibrant Pagano borough. Our Milan based doctors have extensive experience of a wealth of different treatments and are able to offer personalised treatments based on any client’s needs.

As skilled and well-trained staff, it should be little surprise that our doctors are also skilled at offering the rhino filler procedure, something that is known for being tricky and difficult to pull off. Additionally, Pico Milan is one of the leading clinics in Italy for CoolSculpting procedure. It is registered with PRP DEKA technology, being one of the best in the world.

The clinic is renowned for its advanced techniques, in particular it’s uses of botulinum and dermal fillers, micro needling, acne and scar treatments.Furthermore, Pico Milan invented a botox procedure which was designed to model and improve a person’s calves and shoulders. As a result, it’s an area in which our doctors have a massive amount of experience.


An oasis of peace in the buzzing XuHui district of central Shanghai, the first of our clinics in China opened in May 2020. The Italian design is elegant yet cosy and welcoming, while our customer service team remains committed to a five star experience for all customers.

As leading experts in aesthetic procedures around the world, Pico is excited to be launching this centre of excellence in this new region. The clinic will provide Pico’s famous patient centred, non-invasive, aesthetic treatments and will offer treatment from specialist international medical practitioners.

PICO medical director Dr. Kugan, is leading a team of international doctors and helped to design state-of-art medical facilities and standards. We are also very proud of the success of our educational and training center, PICO Academy, with local doctors.


Thanks to PICO’s top medical aesthetic technology and medical professionals from Europe, we received excellent reviews and feedback from thousands Chinese customers since PICO’s first China clinic launched in Shanghai last May 2020. We thus decided to expand into the capital city, opening Pico Beijing, our second Chinese clinic, in November 2020.

PICO Beijing clinic is located in Chaoyangmenwai Street, an area renowned for its mix of classic and modern elements. The clinic can be reached very conveniently by public transport . Just like PICO Shanghai, PICO Beijing provides the top medical aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, CoolSculpting, facial lipolysis and our iconic advanced dermal fillers.


PICO’s fifth clinic opened its doors in Hangzhou, a first-tier city, last January 2021. The clinic is located in Dikai Ginza, Qianjiang New Town, the most vibrant CBD in Hangzhou. It aims to bring European medical aesthetic technology to customers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and it also offers hair transplant services.

It boasts over more than 400 sqm, including a wonderful and ample reception and several spacious and cosy treatment rooms. PICO Hangzhou also serves as an important training centre for PICO Academy, training and fostering the development of a local aesthetic medicine industry in China.


Following the rapid development of PICO in 2020 starting from the very largest cities in Europe and Asia, we expanded into NYC, the iconic city in North America.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Safe and tested way to look refreshed and youthful

Dermal Fillers

Unique portfolio of filler treatments with unparalleled patient feedback


Slay localised fat and design your body with CoolSculpting

Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Get rid of imperfections and scars with microneedling, prp, peeling, prx

IV Drip Therapy

IV hydration and nutrition therapy to replenishes essential nutrients

Thread Lifting Treatment

Way beyond PDOs Latest technologies No scalpel, no scars

Face Slimming Treatment

Slim down cheek fat, double chin jaw profile

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Exilis® radiofrequency boosted by L-Carnitine injections

Minor Surgery

As a CQC-registered clinic PICO offers many minor surgery treatments

Calf Reduction Treatment

Femminine slender legs

Shoulder Reduction Treatment

Shoulder pain and posture

Gluteal Augmentation Genofill

Shape up HA filler Contouring

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