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What is calf reduction?

Calf reduction is a procedure that can make the legs look more feminine, with the creation of a smooth contour from the ankles to the knees. If your calves are lacking a defined curve, making your lower legs appear shorter than you would like, the slimming effect of calf reduction can accentuate your femininity. 

A relatively new treatment, calf reduction, is proven to be successful in targeting the ‘bulkiness’ of the gastrocnemius muscle; the most prominent muscle in the calf. By slimming the calves and achieving a more feminine shape, it can be easier to wear garments like tight-fitting jeans and footwear such as boots.

At PICO Clinics, we use botox injections for calf reduction – this treatment is a less invasive alternative to surgical resection. If you desire a slimmer and more feminine silhouette, calf reduction could be a suitable treatment for you.

Why might I need a calf reduction?

Calves that are slimmer and display a smooth contour can appear more feminine, graceful, and attractive. Every time we workout, stand in heels, or just walk, we can contribute to the thickening of the calves. 

Due to exercise, or just because of genetics, some women are prone to defined, bulkier lower leg muscles. If you would like to give your lower legs a slimmer look and make your overall appearance taller and more elegant, you could be a suitable candidate for calf reduction.

Calves that are sleeker and slenderer can certainly be an advantage of calf reduction for those undergoing male to female gender reassignment. Male to female transgender women can find calf reduction is effective in achieving lower legs that look less masculine and display more feminine curves. Those with calf hypertrophy may experience enlarged calf muscles. Calf reduction can help to address the tubular and bulky lower legs that are a result of the condition.

Slimming calves: before and after

You can expect to see results of botox calf reduction within two weeks, although the most obvious slimming effect is generally seen after a few weeks, within two months of the treatment. The contouring and sleeker look of the calves can last for up to six months. Repeat treatments or ‘top ups’ can be advised when required, in order to maintain results.

Calf reduction with botox injections is a less invasive treatment for reducing the prominence of the calve muscles, and leaves no scarring. There is no recovery time necessary.

Calf botox injections

PICO Clinics offers botox injections for calf reduction. Compared with alternative calf reduction methods such as calf muscle resection, nerve ablation and liposuction, this is one of the least invasive treatment options.

Botulinum toxin, the neurotoxic protein administered in botox injections, is effective in preventing neurotransmitter release from the nerve endings. This stops targeted muscle fibres from contracting and can allow areas of the calf muscle to settle and shrink.

The botox treatment for calf reduction involves a series of 40-100 unit botox injections, located evenly over the gastrocnemius muscle area. The procedure typically takes no more than an hour. 

A similar process to jaw and shoulder slimming treatment, the injections are administered at a treatment table after the skin has been cleansed. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately following the treatment, and may experience minor discomfort, redness and swelling following the treatment. 

It usually takes two treatment sessions or more for noticeable results, and maintenance treatments are recommended to ensure a lasting effect.

How much does calf augmentation cost?

Are you suitable for calf reduction? At PICO Clinics, you can book an initial consultation with one of our experts completely free of charge. We only ask for a £50, fully-refundable deposit which is retained for cancellations.

The cost of calf reduction treatment itself will depend on the length of your treatment programme. A series of botox injection treatments for calf reduction can range from around £350, varying according to the number of appointments booked.

How we can help you

PICO Clinics offers the best treatment available for calf reduction and augmentation. All our doctors possess multi-year practical aesthetic medicine experience and are fully registered under the General Medical Council (GMC). When visiting us you will receive a five-star experience, with a warm and courteous welcome offered by our staff and concierges.

At PICO Clinics, we are committed to continually training our staff to uphold the unmatched service standards we are renowned for. The PICO Academy is dedicated to researching the latest advances in aesthetic treatments and medical technology, ensuring we maintain our position as one of the most innovative aesthetic medicine clinics.

Booking a consultation and treatment for calf reduction couldn’t be easier with PICO Clinics. You can choose your preferred time slot via our online booking system, or alternatively, WhatsApp us on +44 7539 354132 for more information.

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