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What is Coolsculpting?

CoolSculpting, also known as ‘cryolipolysis’, is a non-surgical procedure that targets pockets of excess fat. The technique uses controlled cooling to assist the body in removing fat cells from the body.

CoolSculpting is effective in removing stubborn areas of fat that have been resistant to lifestyle steps such as taking more exercise and dietary changes. Working to destroy fat cells via a freezing process, CoolSculpting can reshape the body, encouraging a more lean profile.

Losing pockets of fat can become harder with age, despite maintaining a strict exercise programme and diet. This is because of changes to the body’s metabolism as we get older. CoolSculpting can be an effective natural treatment, offering a non-invasive way of removing resistant fat cells without any injections or surgery.

How does Coolsculpting work?

During the CoolSculpting procedure, your practitioner will vacuum the area of skin above the fatty tissue with an applicator, cooling the targeted fat cells. You are likely to feel a cooling sensation as the cold temperature numbs the area. The skin and surrounding tissues will not be harmed. A CoolSculpting treatment session usually lasts between one and three hours, after which the body will naturally process and remove the fat cells. You might feel a little pinching and pulling during the procedure, but this is not painful.

Massage can be given to the treated area following the procedure in order to break up frozen tissue.Occasionally people notice some minor soreness at the treatment site, but as there is no damage to the tissue or skin, no recovery time is necessary.

The benefits of Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is minimally invasive and one of the most popular non-surgical methods of removing fat. Having been used around the world since 2012, CoolSculpting is a patented technique that has been performed over eight million times, is considered safe by medical experts, and is backed by clinical research.CoolSculpting’s high customer satisfaction can also be attributed to its versatility. 

The treatment is capable of targeting stubborn pockets of fat around the body. CoolSculpting treatment can be tailored to suit each person, with the time spent treating each area being determined by individual needs. Commonly targeted areas include:

  • Stomach
  • inner and outer thigh
  • Chin
  • Arms

Coolsculpting treatment areas

Anywhere excess fat cells accumulate, CoolSculpting is able to destroy them. This adaptability makes the fat freezing technique ideal for targeting:

Abdominal area:

  • waistline 
  • belly fat

Upper body:

  • chin
  • back
  • bra area
  • upper arms

Lower body:

  • inner thighs
  • outer thighs
  • under the buttocks
  • saddlebags

Coolsculpting: before and after

Before undergoing CoolSculpting, you will be invited to a free consultation with a PICO Clinics practitioner. You can discuss your desired result from the treatment and ask any questions you may have.The number of treatments required to achieve a desired effect from CoolSculpting will depend on the location of the targeted area and the amount of fat cells. In some cases, several CoolSculpting treatments may be necessary.

It should be noted that the most suitable candidates for CoolSculpting will be close to their ideal body weight, and have fat bulges that have proven resistant to vigorous exercise and diet changes.CoolSculpting shouldn’t be considered a treatment for obesity.

Coolsculpting reviews

The simplicity and safety of CoolSculpting are reflected in overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients around the world. There are countless reviews from happy customers online, many of whom are happy with the effectiveness of the procedure, as evidenced by their ‘before and after’ photos. 

Some people find that the massage provided after the procedure can cause minor discomfort, but this stage typically takes just a few minutes. Patients are still reporting improvements to their body shape several weeks after their CoolSculpting treatment, and find themselves pleasantly surprised at just how well the technique can combat stubborn pockets of fat.

How PICO Clinics can help you

PICO Clinics provides a top of the range CoolSculpting experience. Our doctors are experienced aesthetic medical practitioners who are fully General Medical Council (GMC)-registered. They will handle every step on your CoolSculpting journey; from an initial consultation to applications and follow-ups. 

At PICO Clinics, we are renowned for the warm welcome and attentive service provided by our staff and concierges. You can relax in the comfortable surroundings of our luxury clinics

CoolSculpting is just one of the innovative treatments we offer – our PICO Academy continually researches new techniques to ensure that we pass the benefits of aesthetic medicine and medical technology advances on to our patients. It’s easy to book your CoolSculpting treatment at PICO Clinics.

Use our online booking system to pick your preferred time slot, or alternatively WhatsApp us on +44 7539 354132 for more information.

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