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Most of us will experience issues with our skin from time to time, and sometimes, it can be difficult to know how to treat it.

Whether you are suffering from a skin condition or you want to fight signs of aging, here at PICO Clinics, we offer a range of aesthetic skin treatments to help you find a solution that is right for you.

What are aesthetic skin treatments?

Our skin is our biggest and certainly one of our most important organs. It acts as a protective barrier between the outside world and the highly regulated systems within the body. It helps with:

  • Immune defence
  • Temperature regulation
  • Vitamin production
  • And other elements

Types of skin treatments

Skin treatments can help you with any skin problems that you may be experiencing. A range of methods can be used to restore your skin back to its normal self to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Our specialists here at PICO Clinics can help you restore the health of your skin with an array of safe and effective aesthetic treatments. Our plethora of skin solutions include:

  • Microneedling
  • Profhilo
  • Chemical Peel
  • PRP

Microneedling treatment

If you are someone who has suffered from severe acne either currently or in the past, then you may have been left with scarring. Scarring can affect many individuals as it can be harmful to self-confidence and can even give some people anxiety. This is where microneedling could help.

The procedure involves multiple tiny incisions carefully made by a licensed professional that gently pierce the top of the skin. This then forces the skin to heal itself and rejuvenate skin cells. By using the pen on areas of particular scarring or where age is most visible, the skin will be forced to automatically repair itself, and in doing so, it will begin to heal those areas.

Our doctors have extensive experience on how to best use this treatment and are able to offer personalised and customised treatment plans. For best results on anti-aging or scar reduction, we suggest integrating the microneedling technique with hyaluronic acid and botulinum.

Microneedling reviews

Microneedling is generally considered a very effective treatment in reversing signs of acne scars and aging. Most clients will say the treatment causes minor discomfort; however, this is only short-term. The treatment itself has helped many clients regain lost confidence as a result of acne and other issues such as sun damage.

Profhilo treatment

As skin ages, it starts to lose its elasticity and firmness and for many people, it’s something that they would rather prevent. Using hyaluronic acid and patented formulas, the Profhilo® injections can assist in slowing down and lessen this aging process.

Our Profhilo treatment helps to combat this by assisting and slowing down the aging process with its formula. The treatment consists of a round of injections into the skin that is administered just below the surface, where it disperses quickly and reacts with the tissue to instantly boost hydration. This solution to anti-aging gives the skin a well-needed boost of hydration and can give a more glowing and youthful look.

Profhilo reviews

Profhilo treatments are praised for giving people back the glow they felt that their skin had lost a long time ago. As well as giving clients visible results in a short period of time, the treatment has also been effective in helping many people fight signs of anti-aging. Many clients claim their skin feels rejuvenated.

Chemical peel treatment

If you are someone who struggles with breakouts, acne, or other skin ‘imperfections’, then a chemical peel treatment could be the solution you are looking for. The treatment applies a solution onto your face, which helps to remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new cells. By removing the outermost layer of your skin, the treatment smooths and improves the texture of the skin.

Chemical peel reviews

The general feeling towards chemical peels is positive. You won’t have to look far online to find a range of reviews on the treatment. The treatment is highly effective, and it has been proven to help many people tackle issues such as breakouts and acne. The treatment itself is praised for being non-invasive, and the application is both simple and done with ease.

PRX-T33® (Hollywood peel)

PRX-T33® is an unmatched medical peel-no-peel that stimulates the skin to produce elastin and collagen, the two key factors in anti-aging. It is especially indicated to prevent, relieve or eliminate skin imperfections, scars, stretch marks, photo-aging (skin elastosis) of the face, and décolletage. It usually yields instant results, with visible improvement immediately after the treatment.

The TCA (trichloroacetic acid) penetrates the skin through its deeper layers, while hydrogen peroxide protects the tissues and stimulates the fibroblasts and growth factors. The outer surface of the skin remains unaffected and completely unharmed.

It is indicated for all skin types and it is painless. Unlike traditional medical peels, it is not photosensitising and it is thus suitable any time of year.

Mesotherapy and skinboosters treatment

The process of biorevitalization uses the biology of our own skin to assist in returning youth and life to the skin. This non-surgical procedure can be used to brighten dulling skin and can also help to reverse the signs of aging.

The procedure is undertaken by the skin being injected with a small dose of pure hyaluronic acid and other specifically developed serums. This chemical stimulates many of the key processes involved in human organism repair.

The acid can help the skin to retain its water molecules and in doing so, it allows the skin to remain bouncy and elasticated, as it was in your youth. The volume of hyaluronic acid in the skin is naturally higher in young people.

It is also exceptionally well suited to improve the effects of panda eye pigmentation and can be combined with other treatments to enhance and prolong the results.

PRP treatment

Advanced PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment has helped to assist many people in the treatment of their sport and muscle issues. In more recent times, it has become more popular in the aesthetic beauty world and is now used to aid the repairing of delicate areas of the face, such as around the eyes. The treatment involves injecting plasma into damaged tissues to stimulate your body to grow healthy new ones.

PRP has very few risks involved and can really get to the core of the aging process, assisting to address the problems at their source.

At PICO Clinics, we are determined to get the best results for our clients and in a bid to do so, we ensure that we use the most advanced technology available to us. We only buy the best products on the market and ensure that our clients get the best results that they possibly can.

PRP treatment reviews

Generally, clients speak highly of their PRP treatment. It has helped many people overcome insecurities and medical issues that they have been suffering from for a long time. It is worth having a quick online search so you can see before and after pictures as there are many. Not only do they prove how effective the treatment is, but it also shows how impressive it can be.

How to book an appointment

If you are interested in any of these skin treatments and you feel like they can help the current condition of your skin, then we encourage you to reach out to our experienced team of health practitioners and book your consultation today. Booking your first consultation has never been easier through our online booking system, and you can start to begin your journey towards happier and healthier skin.

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